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3 Reasons You Are Experiencing Burnout

Most people dealing with burnout don't REALLY understand the underlying problem. Often times individuals are attempting to find the right way, the right things, doing all the things they "should" do to STOP the cycle of exhaustion, overwhelm, anxiety. All of this just keeps people stuck and even more exhausted! The truth is there is no one "right way".

Here is what I have learned from my own experience with burnout and by helping others to finally end the cycle for themselves.

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Reason #1: Lack of Intentional Rest

Are you are stuck in a cycle of frantic, rushed, overworking, perfectionism, constantly reaching, working SO hard and not actually reaching you goals? Learning to allow rest is a huge part of burnout recovery. This means intentionally making space in your life for deep rest. This does not mean just sleep, but also gentle movement and down time when you are not tackling the to do list. Intentional rest looks different for everyone but is VITAL for everyone. Your body is literally healing as you rest!

Reason #2: Your beliefs are keeping you stuck in the cycle of busy and burnout.

Rest alone will not address the burnout cycle. Rest helps to stop the bleeding so to speak but healing requires a deeper level of change. You also have to address the belief systems that led you to push past your own boundaries. Really taking a hard look at the beliefs that have you convinced that you have to keep pushing. This means taking a good look at your schedule and priorities.

Reason #3: You have learned to ignore your own body signals and boundaries in order to maintain this way of life.

You have to learn to listen to your own body signals and boundaries. Understanding when your body needs rest or when you are reaching the edge up to your boundaries is part of finally ending the cycle of burnout and also preventing the burnout from returning. I find somatic techniques to be helpful in relearning to listen to your body signals, understand what they mean and what to do with them.

Burnout is complex and truly created by the systems we live within. But there is something YOU can do to break this cycle and STOP living this way. Healing from burnout is complex and takes time, space, support and challenging the old patterns.

These 3 pieces are the cornerstones of my new small group program, Somatic Healing for Burnout. Registration will being in August!

Join the waitlist now and be the first to get the details.

It is my passion to help people break this cycle and learn to live with ease!


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