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ACTIVELY Participate in Your Own Well-Being (Part 3 of 3)

Your Well-Being: Self-Care is an Act of Self-Love

When we identify what well-being means to us as individuals and look deeply at what we need to do to create this loving internal experience, it often becomes necessary to take an unfiltered look at how the people around us will respond to the changes we are making. (Be sure to read Part 1 and Part 2 of this Blog Series before reading on.)

Feeling a sense of belonging is critical to our well-being. When this connection feels threatened because of the opinions and beliefs of the people in our lives, we may retreat from making the changes needed to holistically take care of ourselves. As such, answering the next 3 questions becomes vital to our self-care journey.

  1. How do other people’s opinions and beliefs impact my ability to know and respond to my own needs?

  2. How can I take other people’s opinions and beliefs out of the equation?

  3. How can I respond to people who question me once I am perfectly clear on what I need to do for me?

The opinions and beliefs of others are often relevant to our external life landscape (what happens outside of us), but they may not fit our internal life landscape (what happens inside of us and where personal well-being begins). Anticipating how we will respond to possible disagreements and be able to consistently keep our needs attended to, is an act of self-care based on the decision to love ourselves.

Though opinions and beliefs may have great influence, are they the basis for your decisions about how you take care of you? Can you find compromises or ways to gracefully help those in your life understand your decisions?

Giving yourself time to answer these last questions in this series, empowers you to be an Active Participant in your personal well-being and create an oasis within yourself that is open, authentic, safe, inspiring and supportive.


Oasis is a space where it’s safe to open up, be your authentic self, and receive support. Working together, we help you re-learn how to connect to your intuition and connect with your true self. Whether through individual work, or through groups, we provide a safe environment where the people that you are working with are authentic, genuine and sincerely care about you.

If you or someone you love is in need of support, we offer a free 20 minute consultation providing an easy way to explore our ability to help. Call 586.738.0398.

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