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Hi, I'm Kelly

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As a therapist with over 10 years of experience in classical talk therapy, I know that healing doesn't happen solely from talking.


Over the years I've constantly searched for the best practices to support my clients. 


We started with yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices alongside more classic talk therapy. This balanced approach worked so well that I decided to get trained in somatic therapy. 


It was the missing piece.


Clients began experiencing breakthroughs, healing old wounds, and feeling more connected to their lives than ever before!


Who Thrives in Somatic Sessions?

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Somatic sessions are deeply healing for a wide variety of people. However, I've found that two types of people tend to get the most out of this work. 

  • She's been on a healing journey for a long time and feels stuck. She's tried a lot of things and they've all helped to some degree, but she feels like life could be so much better.

  • She's a classic over-giver. She puts everyone else first, including her work. She knows it is not sustainable - she's so tired - but leaving this pattern behind is harder than she thought it'd be. 


... If you feel tired, worn out, and you know that life can be better, Somatic Sessions might be exactly what you need. 


What if you no longer felt locked in a cycle of over-giving? 


What if you finally weren't exhausted? 


What if you actually got to enjoy more meaningful connections?


The truth is, talk therapy is incredible but it's only part of the healing process. 


True freedom comes from supporting healing in the mind, body, and soul. 


...and that's why Somatic Sessions are so powerful.


Somatic Sessions

blending mind, body, and soul in the healing process

90-minute sessions, virtual or in-person

$250 each


Somatic Immersion

This experience is designed for a deeper somatic exploration. 

We will begin with a 90 minute Intention setting session including journal prompts and practices for you to use at home the week leading up to your Immersion day. 

On your Immersion Day we will spend 4 hours  deeply exploring a variety of somatic movement, breathwork, sound and plenty of time for Integration.

Within about two weeks following your Immersion we will meet again for a 90 minute Integration session designed to allow for further processing and support.

$1000 Immersion Day package

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