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Support & Connection

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As humans, we need support and connection and we do that through co-regulating with people around us. It is important to us, at OASIS, to be able to attune to other people's needs and assess how to best support them when they're struggling, while also giving them the space to feel things that typically are shut down. We strive to allow space for them to feel the really hard and difficult emotions while providing meaningful support, and also allowing them to lead and make the choices for themselves. With this support our clients are able to come to their own awareness's and see that they are the experts of themselves.

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You are not alone... 

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Kelly Zalewski, LMSW, RYT-200, Fall 2020. "I see you. I see your struggle. I see that you need to be seen. You are safe to express yourself. It is safe to connect with me."

In our connection, we provide safe space. We place great value on showing up in an authentic and genuine manner, that clearly conveys, “I see you.  I see your struggle.  I see that you need to be seen.  I feel that you need to feel.  I am present. You are safe to express yourself. It is safe to connect with me. We can do this work together. You are not alone in the struggle.”

We feel it's an honor to be able to sit with people in that vulnerable state and for people to be able to trust us and trust what we’re doing.

There is a path forward. There is hope. You don't have to walk the path alone.  We are committed to providing you support and connection here at OASIS Well Being.

You are not alone
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