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Feeling Burned Out?

How Somatic Sessions Can help you Recover from Burnout

Burn out often happens when you are constantly pushing yourself past your own limits and capacity.

Burn out looks like exhaustion, irritability, not wanting to do anything, struggling to get anything done, not able to sleep (or sleeping all the time but not really feeling refreshed), racing or ruminating thoughts, depression, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed.

Pushing past our capacity is something that happens often in our world, especially for women.

There is always a to do list, always something needing our attention, someone asking for something.

As women we are taught to keep giving, be the helpful “good girl”.

This often means years of ignoring our body signals and pushing through. Eventually our bodies turn up the volume. This may look like physical pain, depression, anxiety, overwhelming stress, difficulty sleeping, irritability.

I could go on and on about how stress impacts our bodies, life and relationships, but what I REALLY want you to know is that there is another option!

~ Re-learn how to LISTEN to your body signals.

~ Learn to respect your own capacity and boundaries.

~ Learn to recognize the dysregulation in your own nervous system.

~ Understand how your nervous system responds to stress.

~ Learn to self-regulate your nervous system.

~ Learn when you need support.

~ FEEL calmer, centered and grounded.

~ Make decisions with confidence.

Somatic Sessions can help YOU to connect to YOUR body!

If you are struggling with burnout let’s discuss how Somatic Session can help you!

Book a free phone/virtual consultation so we can chat about how Somatic Sessions can help.

With Love and Compassion,

Kelly Zalewski


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