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Holding On When Its Time to Let Go

Most of us realize that holding on to unfulfilled expectations, unhappy relationships, and painful past experiences is really unhealthy. Often, however, our attachments are intense and feeling able to let go doesn’t come easily. When you find yourself feeling this way, here is something to contemplate.

Think about your breath.

Breathing is a motivating, accessible, example of the power of letting something we need in, and letting something no longer needed, out. We are innately designed to accept and release. When we don’t do this, what remains becomes toxic. Do you know what happens inside your body when you hold your breath for too long, when you don’t let go?

Your heart will start beating irregularly, the rhythm of life disrupted. Your kidneys (which act as a filter for removing waste), are not able to work properly. Your liver (which processes and metabolizes all that you take in), is unable to do it’s job. The ecosystem inside your living self is disrupted and can become toxic.

The same holds true for emotions. When we allow our emotions to breathe; to come in, do their job, and go out. When we give ourselves the ways and means to process, metabolize, and release these unfulfilled expectations, unhappy relationships and painful past experiences, we give ourselves the gift of self-care and liberation. We allow our lives to breathe.

Use your breath as a motivating example of why it is so important to let go. Find your flow. Feel the peace that comes with it.


Making art is a beautiful way of letting go. Art Therapy & Yoga Teacher, Jessica Smigels, offers a Mandala Making class on the second Monday of every month and this month's class is focused on "letting go." These classes offer you an excellent jumping off point to support self-awareness and personal growth. You can join in-person (6 person limit) or virtually on Zoom. Information on supplies is provided ahead of time for those attending online. Cost is $18. July 12th, 7 pm to 8:30 pm. Practice letting go in an open, authentic, safe, inspiring and supportive space.


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