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ACTIVELY Participate in Your Own Well-Being (Part 1 of 3)

What does it mean to be an Active Participant in your Own Well-Being?

So often in our youth we are told how important it is for us to take care of each other – our parents, our siblings, our family, our classmates, our friends, and sometimes our community and our earth. Less frequently, we are told how important it is to take care of ourselves – our whole selves; not just our bodies, but also our minds, our hearts, our spirits.

Not only are we seldom told of the importance of holistic self-care, we aren’t shown how to do this. We receive guidance in pieces as thinking holistically about self-care hasn’t been an established pattern of behavior in our society.

With all of this considered, as we journey into adulthood, we often find ourselves having to do two things… a) Give ourselves permission to take care of our own needs; b) Learn how.

This leads us to the need to ask ourselves three really important questions:

  1. What does my own well-being mean to me? (Emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, etc.);

  2. What does my well-being look like? (What is happening in my life in all these areas as a result.);

  3. How can I actively participate in my own holistic well-being? (What behaviors and choices am I making?)

As you contemplate these questions, we encourage you to watch for the next part of this blog series as we look deeper at how being an active participant impacts your life.


As humans, we need support and connection and we do that through co-regulating with people around us. It is important to us, at OASIS, to be able to attune to other people's needs and assess how to best support them when they're struggling. We strive to allow space for them to feel the really hard and difficult emotions while providing meaningful support, and also allowing them to lead and make the choices for themselves. With this support our clients are able to come to their own awareness's and see that they are the experts of themselves. If you or someone you love is in need of support, we offer a free 20 minute consultation providing an easy way to explore our ability to help. Call 586.738.0398.


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