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Feeling Triggered? 5 Ways You can Settle Down Quickly

Given the level of stress so many of us are feeling right now, we would like to offer you a reminder of 5 ways you can settle down quickly when you are having difficulty focusing, trying to figure out what to do next, feeling irritated, or about to lose it with a family member, co-worker or boss...

#1 Place your hand on your chest or belly and breathe. Notice your body move with your breath. Notice what happens as you deepen your breath. Try to bring your breath all the way down to your belly.

#2 Ground yourself through nature. Take a moment to connect yourself to the Earth. Physically feel the Earth. Feel the ground on your feet, the sun and wind on your face. Feel the energy of nature around you… the expanding trees, the green grass, the soft petals of the flowers, the open sky, the singing birds. Notice how nature moves, allow your body to move the same way… sway with the trees, stretch your arms up towards the sun like the flowers.

#3 Do a body scan. Start at your toes and slowly move your awareness up to your head. Check in with each part of your body. Where do you feel tension? What happens when you bring your attention to each spot in your body? Is there a way that your body wants to move to release the tension? Allow yourself to respond to these subtle, but powerful prompts.

#4 Move and shake. Sometimes we just need to get it out! Turn up your favorite song and let go. MOVE, TWIST, JUMP, STRETCH and SHAKE!

#5 Name it. Recognizing what you are feeling is a big part of settling your system. Give yourself permission to name whatever you are feeling. Allow yourself space to actually feel it. Know that you do not need to take action or make decision in this moment. Just breathe and feel.

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