Art Therapy Workshops

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Art Therapy& Yoga Series

  • Learn new skills to cope with the challenges of living in the moment!


    60 US dollars

Jessica offers a variety of workshops and groups designed to support you on your journey of self exploration and are a great supplement to therapy. Jessica uses a combination of yoga/movement + meditation + art therapy directives in her groups and workshops. 

Groups and workshops generally start with gentle movement or meditation to help you settle and feel your body. All moves are beginner friendly and doable for all ages. Jessica will then lead participants into an art therapy directive - a lightly guided experience that allows you to connect with your subconscious needs + desires. Think less about ‘fine art’, think more, creative outlet where the end product doesn’t matter as much as the process of creating!


Throughout the group you will have invitations to share, reflect and connect with others that value personal growth and a healing community!

Anyone looking for an opportunity to explore further into their personal growth. You do not need to have an art or yoga experience!
Groups are for those 18+ unless otherwise specified. YES, Adults need Art Therapy too!

We know that not everyone is ready to meet in person, and you still deserve a safe space to process and heal! Please make sure you select the ticket option for your preference of Virtual or In-person. All in-person classes are held inside of Deerbrush Wellness Collective in St. Clair Shores.

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