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I am a white, cis, hetero woman that was raised in a rural Michigan town with privilege of safe housing, ample food, education and social support. I live, work and play on ancestorial lands of Ojibwe, Ottawa, and Potawatomi tribes now know as St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

I created Somatic Healing for Burnout because I know how it feels to struggle with overwhelm, exhaustion and being stuck in a cycle of burnout. I am a therapist who was struggling with wanting to help others but hurting myself in the process.

My private practice was full and I was doing the work I LOVE, but I was always exhausted. I kept noticing my clients get to a certain place and then progress would stall. I just knew there had to be more, another option. I learned that I needed more than just talk therapy…

I went on a journey to find Somatic techniques to work with trauma stored in the body and learn everything I could to help people heal at a deeper level.

In my search I found a deeper understanding of my own cycle of burnout. I began to understand WHY I was feeling stuck and What I could do about it. I shifted my focus to somatic work and could FEEL the change for myself. Then I began using somatic techniques with my clients and got to watch profound shifts happen over and over.

I realized this was all I wanted to do - help people understand their patterns of response, how to use their tools more effectively and FINALLY get out of the overwhelmed stuck space!

So, I put created a program to teach my signature methods that have allowed me to STOP the cycle of burnout and find ease in my own life. I have used this method with my individual clients and now I am expanding it into a group program so I can share with even more people. That is how "Somatic Healing for Burnout" was born!

Kelly Zalewski

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