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Movement Heals: Be like Meredith & Cristina!

Any diehard “Grey’s Anatomy” fans out there? Do you remember back when Meredith and Cristina would “dance it out” when life got overly stressful? These two characters were on to something important!

As we evolve our understanding of mental health and wellness, there has been a growing awareness that movement is an essential part of the healing process, not just for our physical body but equally for our emotional body, our deeper mind, and our sacred spirit.

Our physical sciences have shown us that movement increases our cognitive processing, improves blood flow, releases endorphins, can reduce inflammation and more. When we consciously tune into our energy centers through movement, we can also release stored emotional energy, address trauma, enhance addiction recovery, let go of tension, alleviate anxiety, reduce depression and purposefully calm our nervous system.

In the process of expanding my private practice into Oasis Well Being, my primary goal has been to provide a wide spectrum of opportunities that integrate healing modalities that speak to the wholeness of you – your body, your mind, and your spirit. Integrating healthy, therapeutic movement has been at the top of my list and I’ve been thrilled to have both Abbie LaForest and Jessica Smigels join me.

As part of our expansion, Abbie and Jessica are offering classes and opportunities that include different forms of movement, music, yoga, and art. You can check them out at:

Given our commitment to providing a safe, healthy environment for our clients, we, like many providers are carefully navigating our way back to in-person gatherings. We continue to offer virtual classes with a few that allow for up to 6 people in-person.

We are thrilled at the prospect of seeing you all face-to-face in the near future and hope that you will take advantage of these great opportunities in the interim.

Remember, movement is healing! Dance it out! Be like Meredith & Cristina!


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